KITCHENER -- A Kitchener couple celebrated what would have been their big day in a creative way on Friday night, after their wedding was postponed due to COVID-19.

Lesley Ordiway and Ryan Powell held a free concert at the Schwaben Club for a small group of friends and family. This was the venue where the couple had planned to get married.

“We’ve had a really hard time with it too, especially this last month leading up to it. So him and I came up with the idea to come here and just play for free,” said Ordiway.

They’re in an ‘80s cover band called Always On Friday, who have dreamt of performing at their own wedding.

About 165 guests were supposed to attend their wedding, with a lot of them from the U.S.

“I really wanted to reach other brides and grooms, hopefully. It’s more devastating than you know, especially with all the planning that goes into it. And just letting them know they’re not alone … it’s global,” Ordiway says.

With that plan now delayed, they still put on a show Friday night by putting shields over their microphones, distancing tables and making sure nobody dances.

The couple has postponed their wedding to Halloween, and says it will happen no matter what, regardless of what that may look like.