KITCHENER -- Kitchener city council has passed a motion that will allow tiny homes on thousands of properties in the city, and Cambridge might be following their lead.

City staff in Kitchener said that the decision was made in response to strong demand from the community.

At a council meeting on Monday evening, council approved a zoning by-law changes that will allow for a range of units, including backyard homes, coach homes, laneway suites and tiny homes.

The decision will allow these units on residential properties, including single detached, semi-detached, and low-rise apartments.

According to a staff report made to Kitchener council, the bylaw amendment would mean that of the 57,000 detached properties across the city, around 25,000 of those properties would meet the zoning rules to be able to obtain a permit.

The hope is this initiative will help make a small dent in the current housing crisis.

Before the zoning regulation change, detached additional dwelling units were only allowed if they existed in 1994 or earlier.

During a Tuesday night council meeting in Cambridge, Coun. Scott Hamilton put a motion forward to allow property owners to build a tiny home.