Pedestrians in Uptown Waterloo had the right of way Sunday afternoon as it marked the big finale to the City of Waterloo’s Open Streets series for 2012.

 “We basically turn King Street into a great shared space where people can basically do anything except drive a car.” says Tenille Bonoguore, an Open Streets Volunteer Board Co-chair.

The festival is organized by volunteers, who are hoping those who participate will leave a lasting impression.

“We’re hoping that people will just see their downtown in a new way,” says Bonoguore “and they’ll feel a little more ownership of it.”

The goal is to get people into the downtown core and out of their cars.  It’s also an opportunity for local organizations to showcase their talents and hobbies.

At one end of the street a boot camp demonstration and down the road, a local roller derby trying to recruit more skaters into the sport.  And somewhere in between, a skate park, a hula hoop station and a massive drawing board.

“Have you ever played chalk in the middle of the road?” says Claudia Van Decker. “No.”

For the last time this summer, King Street in Waterloo was transformed into a playground.