A new social media challenge is under fire after a number of people around the world have suffered injuries.

The craze known as the “Kiki Challenge” involves people jumping out of a moving car to dance to the popular Drake song ‘In My Feelings.’

Several police forces are now warning of the dangerous effects of the craze after several injuries have been reported.

“There’s been some people falling out of moving vehicles, so injury or death could occur,” said Constable Ian Smith with the Guelph Police traffic unit.

Police in Guelph say the danger comes when people take the challenge too far by exiting the car while it’s still moving or doing so in live traffic. Police in India have even noted it has been responsible for numerous collisions and serious injuries.

University of Waterloo social media expert Aimee Morrison said this fad has now grown to a more dangerous approach with people exiting a moving vehicle, all part of a trend to out risk and out do someone else online.

“This spreads so quickly that it’s not enough to make the same video you have to be bigger and better and scary, so that moves it to the extremes,” she said.

Police are reminding people that they could face several charges of caught driving in the recording.