KITCHENER -- Guelph council is nearing a decision on just how many city councillors there should be.

The council composition and ward boundary review was up for discussion at a special meeting on Monday evening.

The consultants' report is recommending Guelph move to a model of eight wards with one full time councillor representing each plus the mayor.

Right now, there are six wards in Guelph with two part-time councillors in each for a total of twelve.

The consultants say moving to one full-time councillor in eight smaller wards would strengthen representation. They say a full-time position could also attract more diverse candidates.

At the meeting. delegation after delegation made it clear they aren't supportive of the idea. Many argued fewer councillors will mean less representation. They also say there's no guarantee the plan will improve diversity on council, as many people may be hesitant to leave employment for the uncertainty of running for public office.

Guelph’s mayor acknowledging the complexities of the issue, but calling on councillors to make a decision.

“This is a huge issue for sure, it's been going on for three terms, like literally kicking the can continually for three terms. So, we have got to figure it out,” said Cam Gutherie.

Councillors will meet on Wednesday to make their final decision.

In Ontario there are three single-tier communities with full time councillors, Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton.