KITCHENER -- There will be a few changes to how the K-W Food Truck Church Series operates in 2020.

Five food trucks will still be setting up shop in church parking lots around Waterloo Region starting on Monday.

“To be able to go out there and be a part of our community especially during this time is really important to us,” said Mark Bauer, executive check for Harry’s Food Truck.

K-W Food Truck Group administrator Sandor Dosman says food trucks fall under essential services and their partnership with the churches will help many stay afloat.

“We were basically curbside before curbside was cool,” he said. “The churches give us use of their lot, they provide garbage cans, tables, and chairs.”

Event cancellations and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the usual season.

Bauer and Dosman both acknowledge the festivals, weddings, school events, and large gatherings they have and will be missing out on.

Public health officials have given the food trucks the green light to set up in the church parking lots, but have laid out some rules they have to follow.

“There’s no parking in the same lot as other food trucks,” said Dosman. “No setting up picnic tables or chairs, and customers must take their food away or eat at home or in their cars.

“Something is better than nothing right now.”

Bauer adds that he’ll take what he can as he waits for the province to ease more restrictions.

“We want to see people,” he said. “We want to be interacting with our customers. That’s the whole point of the food truck.”

Food trucks will be at the following churches these nights from around 4 – 7 p.m.:

Parkminster United Church, Waterloo

May 11 - Jashan-e-Dawat

May 12 - Berlin 95 Diner

May 13 - SWAT Food Truck

May 14 - Fish & Chips

May 15 – Beaver Tails Mobile KW - Huron Region

May 18 - Hangry Harry's Food Truck

May 19 - SWAT Food Truck

May 20 - Schmuck Truck

May 21 - Berlin 95 Diner

May 22 - Fish & chips


Saint Luke's United Church, Cambridge

May 11 - SWAT Food Truck

May 12 - Fish & Chips

May 13 - Jashan-e-Dawat

May 14 - Berlin 95 Diner

May 15 - SWAT Food Truck

May 18 - Schmuck Truck

May 19 - Hangry Harry's Food Truck

May 20 – Beaver Tails Mobile KW - Huron Region

May 21 - Jashan-e-Dawat

May 22 - Berlin 95 Diner


Cedar Hill United, Cambridge

May 11 – Beaver Tails Mobile KW - Huron Region

May 12 - SWAT Food Truck

May 13 - Berlin 95 Diner

May 14 - Jashan-e-Dawat

May 15 - Fish & Chips

May 18 - BeaverTails Mobile KW - Huron Region