Residents in a Fergus neighbourhood are fuming after more than a dozen people woke up over the weekend to find their tires slashed.

In some cases, people were victims twice in the same month.

Adrienne Scott's vehicle was parked at an apartment for seniors when its tires were slashed. That's the second time in as many weeks.

"Terrible, just terrible," she explains. "I just got this new car and I've been really upset with this happening."

The OPP now say they've launched a major investigation as several streets have been hit.

They say a total of 17 cars were vandalized in the areas of Elkin Court, Inett Way, Harcourt Place and St. David Street South.

A tow truck driver was busy answering calls in those areas on Monday, saying that the punctures appeared to be from an ice pick.

So far it's not clear whether or not police have any suspects.