KITCHENER -- Parents and teachers in Waterloo Region say they are ready for the province to make a decision on the remainder of the school year.

They say the lack of a decision about the resumption of in-class learning is causing uncertainty for families.

While no announcement has been made yet, sources tell CTV News the province is leaning toward keeping classrooms closed.

Families say they just want an answer either way.

"I think I'm in the camp of, just make a decision," said Holly Sabara, a mother of three school-aged children. "It's really tough on the kids to not know if they're going back or not."

The Guelph mother said she feels staying online for the remainder of the school year will help prevent a fourth wave of COVID-19.

"Even if it means it's going to be more work for me as a parent to have them home, I think its safety that's most important," she said.

Some teachers say educators also need a decision soon in order to properly prepare for the remainder of the year.

"It's really difficult to plan what should happen next if I don't know where I'm going to be next, where my students will be next," said Ryan Wettlaufer, a grade eight teacher in Waterloo Region.

He said at this point in the pandemic, teachers are used to last-minute changes and decision-making.

"We have been told one thing on a Friday and a complete opposite by the end of the weekend, so I know whatever decision is made, we will be able to adapt," Wettlaufer said.