NBA star Jamal Murray stopped by Waterloo Region today, visiting a neighbourhood that was impacted by tragedy last month.

The first stop for the former Grand River Collegiate star was Staples in Kitchener, where Murray helped fill backpacks with school supplies.

Murray then travelled to Waterloo for a community barbeque on Amos Avenue.

Back in July, 18-month-old Mohamed Abdulla was among a group of kids playing in a parking lot when he was hit by a car and later died.

“This is my place, this is my home and I just want to make it special,” said Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets.

“He’s a nice guy and he really cares of the community so we are really glad that he showed up here and he gives support to the family,” says Elias Hussein, parent.

Murray spent the afternoon handing out the stuffed backpacks to the neighbouring kids on Amos Avenue, just before they go back to school.

Mohamed’s family was overwhelmed by the gesture.

“We’re actually so happy to see everyone coming together and showing support. I’m happy an NBA player actually came to our place,” says Hassan Abdalla, Mohamed’s brother.

Murray was the seventh pick in the first round of the NBA draft this year and signed with the Denver Nuggets over the summer.

With reporting by Daryl Morris