He lived quietly in a Waterloo apartment complex. She was often seen walking her dog near her Kitchener home.

Over the past few weeks, both of them have admitted to sexual offences involving a seven-year-old girl.

Rui DaSilva pleaded guilty last month to sexual interference and making child pornography.

Sonya Lucas pleaded guilty earlier this month to the same offences.

Court documents show that DaSilva had hired Lucas as an escort and the two had driven to Hamilton together in the spring of 2016.

Once there, they were involved in the sexual abuse of a seven-year-old girl. DaSilva had responded to a Craiglist ad claiming the girl could be made available for sexual services.

Lucas was unaware of the girl’s involvement when she agreed to go to Hamilton, her lawyer said, but did nothing to stop the activity once she was there. She admitted to touching the girl inappropriately, while at the same time recording the abuse.

People who have known Lucas over the past few years say those actions are not at all what they would have expected from her.

In 2010, she graduated with a diploma from the addictions and community services worker program at Everest College.

A former classmate, Jim Thompson, tells CTV News that Lucas was someone who “knew where she was heading” and seemed to be a model student.

“We all have skeletons in our closets, but Sonya had a huge one in hers,” he said.

Lucas’ neighbours in Kitchener say it wasn’t uncommon to see her outside, tanning or walking her dog.

“She seemed like a normal person. You wouldn’t think she would harm anybody,” said Shannon Stuart.

Dania Puac, who lived next door to DaSilva, said that she saw little of her neighbor other than as he was coming home or leaving, and that he typically kept to himself.

“It makes you question who your neighbours really are,” she said.

DaSilva is scheduled to be sentenced next week. Lucas will be sentenced in September.

The case of a third person accused of offences against the seven-year-old girl remains before the courts.

With reporting by Nicole Lampa