A former Kitchener neurologist who lost his medical license had more than 20 complaints made against him, CTV has learned.

Jeffrey Sloka pleaded no contest to allegations of sexual abuse and professional misconduct.

According to an agreed statement of facts, four of Sloka’s patients were victims. Documents from the OCPS show that there were 22 complaints against him in addition to those heard in his disciplinary hearing.

Those complaints led to investigations into his conduct with his neurology patients.

One of his former patients was referred for persistent migraines and says her experience was investigated by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

“I wasn’t properly draped, I started off in a gown but the gown was removed without discussing it with me,” she says. “I was, what I believe, touched unnecessarily and not for medical purposes.”

She reported this to the college more than a year ago, but her complaint wasn’t part of the recent hearing in Toronto where Sloka lost his license.

“I’m speaking out because I want other women to know that it’s okay to come forward, it’s okay to share your story,” the former patient says.

The outcome of those investigations is unknown and it’s not clear why they weren’t involved in the college’s disciplinary hearing. The neurologist’s lawyer who represented him at the hearing did not respond to a request for comment.

A statement from the OCPS reads in part:

“This undertaking is more than the maximum penalty that the discipline committee can order... Any former patients who believe that they have been abused by Dr. Sloka will continue to be eligible for our therapy funding program. We will also support patients who choose to pursue their concerns through the criminal justice system.”

Sloka was ordered to pay an irrevocable $64,000 for the aforementioned therapy fund.

The patient who spoke to CTV says she has been left to deal with what happened her as well as to find someone else to continue her care.

“I had to seek a doctor in Hamilton who will hopefully help me with what’s going on with my condition but I was told that she was an 18-month wait,” she says.

She says her symptoms have worsened during the wait.

None of the allegations have been tested in court. Sloka pleaded no contest to the allegations in his disciplinary hearing.