KITCHENER -- A wedding day is one of the most important moments in a couple's life.

Months of preparation go into gathering friends and family to celebrate the tying of the knot.

Now, the spread of COVID-19 is affecting the big day for many Canadians because of cancellations, hang-ups and travel concerns.

Lindsay Grisebach and Chris Hussey have been engaged for a year and a half, and never imagined the virus would affect their big day. But as the situation changes, their plans may have to change as well.

"We spent all this time making these carefully-crafted plans, putting these puzzle pieces together, and suddenly this kind of came out of nowhere," Hussey says.

Aritifical flowers for the bridesmaids that are coming from China have been delayed.

Grisebach says that the supplier told her they're doing their best to get them to the couple by the wedding.

The couple also booked a cruise for their honeymoon months before the Canadian government advised against all cruise ship travel.

"All of the cruises that are just kind docked, sitting there full of people who are quarantined and docked. We thought, 'oh, are we going to have to cancel our honeymoon, are we going to have to reschedule?'" Grisebach says.

She says they still have a few months to wait and see how things pan out before their honeymoon cruise in the fall, but if COVID-19 continues to spread, they may not have to think of a backup plan.

It's not clear when they'll get a refund if the cruise is cancelled.

"We might have to think of a different honeymoon plan. I'm hoping that they would give us lots of notice," she says.

Still, the couple is focusing on what they can control instead of what they can't.

"No matter what happens, it's not going to ruin our wedding," Hussey says.

Travel also remains a major concern for many Canadians.

The couple says the majority of their guests live nearby, but they're worried about a few who have to make the trip from the U.S.