A fundraiser is underway in Paris, Ont., to try and support Scott Dammeier, the co-owner of Scott’s Family Restaurant, as he undergoes treatment for Stage Four terminal bladder cancer.

“He had radiation on a tumour on his spine, but the cancer has spread. Now he is facing emergency hip surgery,” Kim Dammeier, Scott’s wife and co-owner of the restaurant said.

Scott has been a local cook for over two decades. He worked at multiple diners before opening his own restaurants in Brantford and Paris. He eventually took over the former Roosters on Scott Street in Paris and opened Scott’s Family Restaurant over ten years ago.


“It’s his legacy,” Kim said.

Scott is one of two cooks at the restaurant. The other cook only works seasonally and will leave the restaurant in the spring. With no cooks available, Kim is being forced to take on more roles.

“It’s hard because now I’ve taken on the role of running everything,” Kim said.

Longtime friend and former server Tina Graziano is stepping in to help.

“Scott came in, and he wasn’t well and Kim was upset, and I was like, 'nope, there’s help out there. You guys have been a part of this community so long. People do care,”' Graziano said.

Graziano offered to fill in as a server when needed and also created a GoFundMe to help give the couple a financial cushion during this difficult time.

Scott's Resturant

“People have been coming in and dropping off cash donations and offering help,” Graziano said

Kim says seeing the fundraiser and the local support is inspiring Scott to keep a positive outlook on his journey ahead.

“He is good. He wants to live. He is doing anything he can. He is determined to beat it. He even talks about after the surgery and chemo he wants to come back to work,” Dammeier said.