Alex Lizewski has a bit of a green thumb, but she also knows her way around computer software.

Combining these two passions led the Kitchener entrepreneur to create a website to take the guesswork out of gardening.

“I mean, it’s an obsession for me,” said Lizewski. “I love it.”

To help other gardeners, no matter their level of experience, Lizewski created to help plan and optimize garden maintenance.

Her website can categorize dozens of fruit and vegetable seed varieties, and map them out so you can keep track of exactly what’s growing.

There is also an option to send reminders via email when tasks like sowing and harvesting need to be completed.

“[You can] get the instructions straight to you. There’s no thought, no research, you just go for it,” Lizewski said.

Lizewski said one of the reasons why people are subscribing is to help cut costs at the grocery store.

“Produce is expensive and organic produce even more so, so these days when food prices are rising, it makes sense to be growing your own food if you’ve got the room,” she said.

“When we’re looking at a head of lettuce for $5.99 or $6.99 at a grocery store, you’re looking at a couple of dollars for some seed packets,” Lizeswksi said.

“Throw some beans in there, throw some tomatoes in there. You might be surprised by how much you save,” she said.


Tanya Olsen, the owner of Royal City Nursery in Guelph said there are many benefits to gardening.

“It’s easier to budget, it’s easier to plan, and it’s also a really big health and wellness piece,” Olsen said

While there are some upfront costs to get growing, Olsen says dedication can pay off and save you money.

“If you can get into a rhythm, I think you have the opportunity for some economic benefit,” Olsen said.

The suggestion is to start off small, either in a yard or in planters on a balcony if you’re tight on space.