KITCHENER -- A University of Waterloo student has started a hijab business to help create more Muslim representation in the fashion world.

"Every scarf and every colour has a unique story associated with it," Tamania Majeed said.

The company, called "Eight Stories of Modesty," started a year ago. Every hijab comes with a printed card with personal accounts from local Muslim women.

"The first collection was my hijab story, the second was my story of courage, the third was my story of hope," Majeed said.

The pieces cost between $13 and $15 before shipping.

Majeed said the majority of her sales come through Instagram. Her following has been steadily growing, especially after she was named a winner of UW’s Concept $5K Pitch Competition.

"Ten teams pitched and four teams were awarded $5,000," said Adrien Cote, executive director of Velocity.

Majeed said that award was a big step for her business.

"It helped me gain confidence within my idea, with my execution and vision," Majeed said.

Cote said Majeed's virtual pitch stood out.

"Combining that with a really great business opportunity, they were targeting over a $500 billion market," Cote said.

Majeed said the company isn't just about fashionable wear for an underrepresented market. She also said the hijab is a big part of her identity.

"It represents modesty, my faith, the way I behave, the way I interact," she said.

Majeed said she started wearing the head scarf when she was nine years old.

"I didn't really have an understanding of what it was," she said. "I just put it on and felt pretty and nice and I was like, wow, I really want to do this."

She wants to build her business in the future, especially since she's working as a one-woman show.

"It is hard to manage it alone and having that help would be amazing," she said.

Majeed's goal is to create a well-known company and a sense of community that puts the stories of Muslim women of all ages and backgrounds in the spotlight.