The City of Kitchener is blazing a new trail by adding a new stretch to the Iron Horse Trail.

Residents were able to take a stroll along the recently reconstructed section, formerly known as Delta Street, following a special ceremony on Friday.

“This used to be a street that was rarely used by cars and difficult to use as a pedestrian because of the danger of cars,” Kitchener Active Transportation and Trails Committee Chair, Vicci Hand said.

Hand said when the city approached the committee with the idea of repurposing the seldom used street, it was a no brainer decision.

The extension near Sydney Street South and Floral Crescent adds 480 meters to the trail.

“There’s a large group of young people and people on relatively low incomes who can’t necessarily afford a car, but they can afford a bike. So it brings connectivity into the downtown core much easier to them and people in the downtown core can access the mall much easier on a bike without needing to use a car,” Hand said.

Hand said there are still more trail plans they are hoping to implement in the future, particularly around the downtown grid.