KITCHENER -- Freezing rain conditions in Waterloo Region put a halt to the 301 ION Service.

Grand River Transit announced Sunday morning that the LRT had been disrupted between Conestoga Station and Waterloo Public Station.

A representative from the Region of Waterloo says this is due to the weather.

In a statement, Keolis Grand River says ice accumulated on the overhead wires on an isolated area of the alignment.

William Urosevic says he left for work at Conestoga Mall earlier than usual for weather.

“I told my manager I’m going to be late,” he said. “It sucks that it’s not here.

“We’re in Canada. Weather isn’t always the best and if they spent a billion dollars on this they should be more prepared.”

Full service was restored on Sunday afternoon.

"During these events we operate services as frequently as possible to keep the overhead wires clear of ice," the statement said. "At the peak of the storm today the build up of ice was too rapid."

Shuttle busses were sent out and stopped at stations between Conestoga and Waterloo Public Square.

"Keolis is investigating a range of approaches to deal with these extreme events," the statement said.

Rides also spoke to CTV Kitchener about the issue of icy platforms.

Keolis officials say crews are still working on the problem by salting and clearing the areas as much and as quickly as possible.