Some Canadians are rethinking their holiday travel plans after the federal government advised against international travel on Wednesday.

The announcement strongly advised against non-essential foreign travel due to growing concerns around rising COVID-19 cases and the spread of the Omicron variant.

"As soon as they announced the new variant, our phones went silent," said Brenda Goodsell, co-owner of Preston Travel. "Other than people cancelling or asking if they should go right now or not go."

Dave Dame booked a Caribbean cruise in January, but said he isn't sure if he'll go.

"I’m literally going to wait until the day before to make any dramatic decisions," said Dame.

Goodsell says Canadians shouldn’t rush to cancel their trip.

"If you can wait on cancelling, wait to see if they cancel," she said. "Because it’s probably better on you if they cancel first."

Dame is still waiting to see what his insurance policy will cover with the new advisory in place.

A question that Goodsell is also waiting for more clarification on.