Sunday night, Tyler Cormier thought his long wait for an apartment at Icon Waterloo had come to an end.

He was allowed to move into his sixth-floor unit, and started unpacking his belongings.

Tuesday morning, he learned that he wasn’t quite done living out of a duffel bag just yet.

Around midnight, he says, he woke up to the sound of what he thought was rain.

It wasn’t until his roommate came into his bedroom that he realized it was indeed water – but it wasn’t coming from outside.

“There was an inch of water on the floor. It was pouring out of the electrical box and the light fixtures in our bathroom,” he recalls.

Cormier says firefighters told him a pipe burst on the 10th floor of the building, and water ended up falling all the way down to the basement.

Icon representatives would not confirm the cause of the leak or how many units were affected.

Cormier believes his apartment got the worst of it. He and his roommate have been told that they won’t be able to return to their unit until Friday at the earliest.

“They’re going to have to tear out the walls, tear out the floors,” he says.

For Cormier, the flood is particularly annoying coming after the delays that saw him get his apartment more than a week after he expected to.

“It’s just beyond frustrating,” he says.

Occupancy permits have yet to be granted for the rest of the Icon complex, aside from the south tower.

City officials say the building was inspected Tuesday, but no permits were granted as a result of the inspection.

With reporting by Victoria Levy