A six-year-old Kitchener girl is back in critical care after complications from surgery.

Ava McIntyre was already recovering from a stroke, but is now in a coma.

"My life has no meaning without her. I won't make it if Ava doesn't make it," Denise McIntyre, Ava's mother, said to CTV News in an email.

She was born with a heart condition and underwent a routine procedure in April to help treat it.

That surgery was successful but a blood clot travelled to part of her brain.

She had multiple surgeries, including one to remove part of her skull.

Ava was slowly making her way down the road to recovery until she faced complications during a bone flap surgery last week.

She now faces pulmonary hypertension, a type high blood pressure that affects arteries in the lungs and right side of the heart. Her heart is enlarged because she has had to wait so long for heart surgery to close the hole.

Ava is on life support at Sick Kids Hospital, with her mother at her bedside.

Her family will find out later on Wednesday if she is a candidate for a lung transplant.