KITCHENER -- The trial for Mohammed Younus, the man accused of killing his brother, continued Wednesday.

Younus has been charged with first-degree murder for fatally stabbing his brother Shamsul Alamshah on August 27th 2017.

Alamshah’s wife, Maria Fayyaz took the stand Wednesday. She told court the events leading up to her husbands death “happened so quickly.”

The agreed statement of facts shows in 2014, Younus loaned Alamshah $20,000 to help purchase a home. In 2017, Younus asked for that money back out of anger towards his brother.

Fayyaz told court Younus was upset Alamshah would not help sponsor Younus’ son to come in Canada.

She said Alamshah would only sponsor Younus’ son if Younus got a job, but Younus did not want to work.

“[Younus] was furious and he was screaming. He demanded [Alamshah] return his money,” Fayyaz said.

Fayyaz said her husband agreed to pay back the money, having to sell jewelry and other items to make up the funds.

On Aug. 27, 2017, Alamshah, Fayyaz and another family member went to Younus’ house to drop off the money.

While they were at the house on Mooregate Cres. in Kitchener, an argument broke out and Younus slapped Fayyaz on the face “very forcefully.”

“When Younus came from behind and slapped the money from my hand and slapped me, I was absolutely shocked,” she told court.

She said Younus was “very angry” and then grabbed Alamshah by his neck.

“My husband punched [Younus] to free himself and there was a lot of physical altercation between them,” she said.

Fayyaz and Younus’ wife broke up the fight and Alamshah and Fayyaz left the house in a hurry.

She told court Younus followed them out of the house with a knife.

“[Younus] pushed my husband from behind and he attacked him with a knife.”

She said she saw Younus stab her husband four times, one time in the chest.

Fayyaz said she “wanted to stop [Younus],” she grabbed his hand but Younus slapped her again, threatening to harm her as well.

 “[Alamshah] was badly injured and I tried to bring him to consciousness. I was screaming for help.”

Waterloo regional police and paramedics were called to the scene, Alamshah died later that day in hospital from a stab wound to the chest.

“He was a very good friend, he was a very good husband, he was a very good son, he was a very good brother,” Fayyaz told court while crying.

The trial is scheduled for 14 days. The defence will cross examine Fayyaz next week.