The parents of a Kitchener man who died in a crash two weeks ago are remembering their son, who was training to be a paramedic.

Kendall Waite was 34 years old and only two months shy of completing his practical experience to become certified when he was involved in the crash.

He was on his way home from a night-shift ride-along when he was involved in a crash with a commercial truck on Highway 55 near Caledonia.

His father, Ken Waite, says his son’s aspirations to become a paramedic came after he saved a man’s life while working security at a car dealership.

"He won an award for it and that’s when he got the vision to become a paramedic. He said ‘I was born for this,'" says Waite’s father.

Fontaine Waite, Kendall’s mother, says she will miss her son’s kind heart and loud personality the most.

She adds that she thinks of him every time she sees a paramedic.

"I will not take that profession for granted. When I see the ambulance go past, in my heart I send them blessings because I know a little bit, just from his stories of what that might be like," his mother says, holding back tears.

Waite’s parents say the grief comes in waves, but it’s the happy and fun memories that keep them strong.