KITCHENER -- "I've got good news and bad news," Louise Rochon told her husband after waking him up in early May.

"We have to wait until COVID is over to go to Toronto to collect the $100,000 lottery prize that I won today."

The Cambridge woman had won the grand prize in the May 3 poker lotto draw, matching five out of five cards.

The lottery prize centre had been closed until recently due to COVID-19 public health concerns.

Rochon discovered her windfall at a lottery retailer, where she says she scanned her ticket and saw the words, "Big Winner."

"I tried again and yelled out to the cashier, 'I think I've got something here!'" she remembers.

The mother of two says she plans to help her kids pay for their weddings next year and to enjoy her retirement.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Circle K on Dundas Street in Cambridge.

POKER LOTTO has instant, in-store wins up to $5,000 as well as nightly prize draws of up to $100,000.

Each play costs $2.