A Waterloo man is suing the prime minister after he says his fiancée was denied a temporary resident visa.

Patrick Kinsella requested to bring his Kenyan fiancée to Canada to stay with him after he says he suffered a pair of strokes.

But he says Ottawa rejected her visa due to "racist" policies.

"She got a denial letter with one reason in the letter: they don't believe she'll return to Kenya," he explains.

Kinsella met Mary Otieno while he was volunteering in her home country. He proposed to her two months later on Valentine's Day in Nairobi.

He's asked to bring her to Canada on a temporary resident visa for up to 180 days to help with his recovery.

The Ministry of Immigration wouldn't comment on this specific case but in says in a statement:

"All applications from around the world are assessed equally against the same criteria. Officers look at many factors in assessing whether an applicant is a genuine temporary resident. They consider the purpose of the visit and the applicant's ties to their home country, including the family and economic situation."

Kinsella says that's not fair.

"It's kind of offensive that Canada assumes that anybody who comes here from a poor country, or based on the colour of their skin or race is going to stay here," he says.

He's now filed a $1 million lawsuit against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and local MP Bardish Chagger.

"I should be focusing on my health and I should have my new family here with me," he says, tearing up.

He says he'll do whatever it takes in order to get his wife-to-be by his side.

CTV reached out to Chagger for comment. She hasn't yet responded.