A number of residents living on Carlton Street in Kitchener say they’re feeling regret after agreeing to an unsolicited opportunity for driveway paving.

At least four residents who had their driveways paved say the result has left them worse off.

Tom Sommerville said what he received is the opposite of what the paving company said they were going to do.

Sommerville said on a Saturday in late May, a gentleman with an Irish accent offered to resurface his driveway.

“They seemed really friendly, and I was convinced they seem legit, and everything was gonna be fine, and they knew what they were doing,” said Sommerville.

Sommerville said when the crew finished the quality of the work was subpar.

“I’m gonna probably have to get it ripped up,” he said.

Nolan Babb also had his driveway done, and says the results were much the same.

“Some parts seem fine, other parts seem a little ragged,” said Babb.

The phone number given by the paving business was disconnected, and emails went unreturned. The Kitchener address the paving company gave turns out to be a real business, but the people working there said no paving company exists at the address.

Some residents also say they agreed to the work – only to have no one show up.

“He said I’ll be back tonight, and he didn’t [come back],” said Dennis Bitschy, who also lives on Carlton Street. “So we were sitting there waiting and waiting until 7:00 p.m., I said even if he comes, I’m going to tell him where to go, eh”

Bitschy said he feels like he dodged a bullet.

Those who did have work done say they could end up being out tens of thousands.

“It’s going to cost around $23,000 for the two driveways because they have to dig it up,” said Babb.


The Better Business Bureau says they have heard numerous complaints about this type of activity.

Better Business Bureau CEO Angela Dennis said to avoid paying in cash or through e-transfers. The better option is to pay using credit card because the user has the option to report the payments as fraudulent.

"Research take the time, do a Google search check BBB.org, check our scam tracker – if they are asking for cash, we suggest not to pay cash or e-transfer because you can’t recoup that,” said Dennis.

The BBB has several tips residents should know when it comes to hiring a contractor.