CAMBRIDGE -- Tenants at a Cambridge housing complex say their units are infested with cockroaches, along with mould and asbestos.

They claim Waterloo Region has neglected the living conditions in their homes.

"I'm disgusted," tenant Dina Mohamed said.

She said there are cockroaches in her unit.

"Just seeing them around, I feel sick," she said.

Mohamed said she reached out to the region more than two months ago to get her unit sprayed. But, she said she hasn't received a response.

Mohamed has decided to take matters into her own hands, using store-bought bug spray to keep the cockroaches away.

"I've been spraying almost every day," she said. "As I am a pregnant woman, it's not even healthy for me. But, I cannot be sitting with roaches in my house."

Other tenants in the unit said cockroaches aren't the only problems. One told CTV News Kitchener they haven't had hot water for several days, while another said there was mould in their bedroom ceiling.

The tenants said they've contacted the region about the issues.

"We're being completely ignored when we contact the region for being sprayed, or for technically anything," Natasha said.

The region told CTV News Kitchener said it's aware of the issues and has issued several work orders.

"Once the work orders are received, the facility team absolutely, within 48 hours, contacts the tenant to say, can we come out to your unit, do an investigation and check what the issues are," said Kelly-Anne Salerno, manger of Waterloo Regional Housing and Client Services.

Some orders have been put on pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Mohamed said the work needs to be done now.

"I'm going crazy," she said.