KITCHENER -- Some residents of Brick Street in Kitchener say they don't feel safe in their home after a string of vandalism in the neighbourhood.

Regional Police were on scene at the street investigating slashed tires and vehicles splattered in paint.

Kitchener resident Diana Luczynski noticed something wasn't right in the morning when she was out for a walk with her dogs.

"When I turned around to come back down the street towards the building I noticed my friend's vehicle wasn't sitting level," she said. "So I walked closer and noticed the tires were slashed.

"I didn't notice the other two cars until it became light out and saw the blue paint dumped on both of them."

Police are also investigating multiple reports of suspicious fires and property damage in the area.

"I don't know if I should stay awake all night and just watch out my window," said Luczynski. "It's a little disconcerting on what to do."

One resident tells CTV Kitchener their vehicle was damaged on the street just metres away from a dumpster fire.

Police say emergency services have responded to several reports of similar fires throughout Kitchener.

Resident Nathan Cesinaro says the first incident happened over a week ago when he was home after being laid off from work.

"My hood was spray painted with white spray paint, all four of my tires were slashed, and there was spray paint all over the driver's side of the vehicle," he said.

After Cesinaro paid hundreds of dollars to fix the damage, more damage followed.

"A few days later the tires were slashed again," he said. "I don't feel safe putting tires on my vehicle. I can't go anywhere.

"I've seen the person in the act, but he bolted so sadly they couldn't catch him."

Investigators add that each incident is being looked at independently, but links between them are being considered.

Officials are advising people who live in the area to remain vigilant, keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and to call Waterloo Regional Police or Crime Stoppers if they have any information.