The husband of London's former mayor, Anne Marie Deccico-Best, is headed to jail.

Tim Best was found guilty of impaired driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving and two counts of failing to remain at the scene of an accident back in January.

Two years ago, on January 31, 2009, Best struck a car while driving on the 401. He was then seen driving erratically and sideswiping another car in Dorchester. Best abandoned his Chevy Avalanche and fled on foot. He was arrested a short time later by OPP officers.

Before sentencing, Best spoke to the victims. "I'm sorry for any pain, and sorry for any suffering I have caused. I'm angry at myself. I alone am responsible for each and every action."

He then made a tearful and impassioned plea to Superior Court Justice Bruce Thomas in an attempt to avoid jail time. "I have gone through physical and verbal abuse," he said. "I have been the butt of jokes, harassed and humiliated. Incarceration of any kind would punish the community, not just me."

The judge disagreed, saying on the night in question Best was "not concerned about injury or damage to anyone. He thought only at the time to save himself."

The crown had asked for a 15-18 month jail sentence. The judge gave him 6 months. Best's lawyers say they will appeal the decision.

Deccico-Best says she supports her husband. "I'm behind him 110%. He's my husband and I love him very much. And we will get through this, as we've gotten through the last two years."

Lisa Dixon, one of Best's victims, has launched a $10.4 million lawsuit against him. In her impact statement, she said her life "has been pure hell for the last two years."

While Best has no criminal record, the court heard that he has 34 driving convictions.