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Hundreds gather in Breslau, Ont. for unveiling of second Wall of Memories

A large crowd of over 600 people gathered in Breslau Sunday afternoon around a memorial wall covered with the names of those who died during and before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Today, it's about honouring the 800 families who's names are on this wall and commemorating the loss of our neighbours, friends and family members," said Robert MacFarlane, a manager of the Memory Garden Funeral Home and Cemetery.

"The death of a loved one is tough - even more so during a pandemic," said David Chatson in a release. "As a funeral service professional, I saw firsthand how families were unable to grieve in a meaningful way or with their communities amid the everchanging public health restrictions," added the funeral home manager. 

The unveiling of the second Wall of Memories served as a reminder of the profound impact that the pandemic had on the community.

"The loss of a loved one is obviously difficult for everybody and really today what we're here to do is just celebrate the 800 names that are on this amazing wall of memories," said MacFarlane.

The funeral home and cemetery offered the communities of the tri-cities and Guelph the opportunity to submit the names of lost loved ones.

"We started this at the start of 2022 and we invited families in the community to submit names of their loved ones that they could have eventually engraved on this wall," said MacFarlane.

For many, the Wall of Memories serves as both a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit as well as a stark reminder of the importance of unity in the face of adversity.

"The memory wall allows us to reconnect with those memories and I want to thank the staff of memory gardens who do an incredibly professional job of making sure that we navigate some of the darkest times of our lives,” said Region of Waterloo Chair Karen Redman.

For the Hahn family, the wall gave them an opportunity to say goodbye to their parents in a meaningful way.

"I think it's a great idea, but we don't get down here as often as we should," said John Hahn.

Hahn says the Wall of Memories stands as a testament to the unity of the community and a reminder to show support through the healing process.

“I personally think it's a good idea and I was really happy when they called and said they could get it done," said Hahn.

The funeral home and cemetery adds that the wall will serve as a continuous reminder of the community’s hardships during the pandemic for years to come. Top Stories

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