KITCHENER -- Waterloo Region will see temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius again on Thursday, a trend this week that's not been welcome to everyone.

After a brief spate of rain in the region on Wednesday, there's a chance of thunderstorms from Thursday until Friday as humidity levels stay high.

That humidity—which Environment Canada shows reached 80 per cent by 9 a.m.—will push the region's humidex up to 43 degrees Celsius throughout the day.

On Wednesday, a sudden summer storm flooded areas of Toronto, turning streets into rivers. Toronto police even reported that a person was seen canoeing down the street.

The chance of rain is expected to continue through Monday, a welcome respite for farmers and gardeners who have been irrigating and watering more often through this dry spell.

The Region of Waterloo and its municipalities have opened a number of cooling centres with health restrictions in place due to COVID-19.