STRATFORD -- Hotels are ramping up cleaning and sanitizing to protect their guests with travelling once again possible as the economy begins to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners say guest contact is now minimal to keep everyone safe.

Stratford Hotel asks all guests to wear masks unless they are in their rooms. It only has eight of its 12 rooms open right now, a measure to help promote physical distancing.

Guests also need to be screened before their stay.

"I know we have to follow the safety protocols," visitor Tanya Hind said.

The Hinds, who are from Caledon, don't mind following the rules. It's their first trip in a while.

"We were supposed to come on March break when our kids were home from school," Hinds said.

However, the pandemic shut down their plans, along with businesses across Ontario.

"We closed March 15 and opened July 3," Stratford Hotel owner Connie King said.

King said it's been difficult missing out on what's typically their busiest season.

"I refunded probably over $45,000," she said.

Now that they're back in business, hotel staff are focused on safety.

"We don't go into the room for 24 hours and then it is stripped, sterilized and cleaned," King said.

There's a no contact policy for guests staying for more than one night. They're asked to leave their linens and garbage in the hallway.

The Bradshaw offers long- and short-term rentals. It's been at full capacity for the past month, with some staying longer than usual.

"These days it is up to a week, sometimes a month," Manager of Guest Services Brendan McKenna said. "I think that has a lot to do with clients able to work remotely.

McKenna said coffee, tea, sugar and cream are available in the rooms, but are single-use only.

The Stratford Hotel usually offers snacks and coffee in the lobby, but that's been replaced by sanitizer.