Udo Haan appeared in court by phone on Friday morning.

Police arrested Haan on Oct. 8 on first degree murder and arson charges in connection to the death of his wife and the explosion of their Kitchener home.

Edra Haan was found deceased in the backyard of the couple’s Sprucedale Crescent home after it exploded on Aug. 22.

Her death was ruled a homicide shortly after the blast.

“The investigation has revealed that Edra Haan died prior to the explosion,” said Insp. Mark Crowell.

Udo was airlifted to hospital with critical injuries as a result of the blast, and remained in hospital for his court appearance.

The Haan home was demolished, and the adjacent homes sustained significant damage.

Haan appeared in court on Friday via phone.

He was asked to return to court on Oct. 24, provided he was medically able. Otherwise, he would appear again by phone.