A 13 year old boy was assaulted in an early morning home invasion in Guelph, and three men have now been arrested and charged.

Residents in Victoria Street North and Woodlawn area of the city say they are not surprised to hear of the violent attack in their neighbourhood.

A near by resident George Ringer said. "I'd like to see the place, the neighbourhood be a little better than what it is. Its good now compared to what it used to be. But it still can be a lot better."

Police say two suspects on their bikes approached the home of some acquaintances. One of the men on the bicycles surrendered a gold chain for examination to a man at the house. When he refused to return the chain, there was a dispute.

A short while later the two men returned with a friend and broke into the home. They then assaulted a woman and entered the house.

Staff Sergeant Paul Crowe of The Guelph Police service said the violence didn't stop there. "They saw a male sleeping on the couch and presumed him to be one of the two males they were looking for. They assaulted him. He was beaten with a club or a stick. It turns out it was a 13-year-old boy sleeping on the couch."

Police said area residents shouldn't fear for their safety the three men knew each other and have been arrested. All are facing a slew of charges, including assault, break and enter and uttering death threats.

The woman and teen were treated for minor injuries.