The holidays are around the corner and many people are preparing for trips or get-togethers, but some plans are now in limbo with COVID-19 case numbers steadily climbing.

“I had a trip planned to go to India, but I had to cancel because of the new variant,” said Praddy Bijja, a Waterloo resident. “I cancelled literally last minute.”

Bijja is unsure of what to do next.

For now, he’s waiting to see what happens with the Omicron variant and is contemplating a trip to Montreal with friends.

“We are going to see last minute, like we don’t have to plan much, and just start driving,” he said. “If there aren’t any new restrictions, we will probably go and have some fun, I guess.”

Wait and see appears to be a popular choice as the pandemic drags on into another holiday season.

“I know some restrictions have been lifted, but not too sure yet on what we are doing,” said Colin Mackenzie, a Kitchener resident. “Me and my family were going to go on a trip back to Jamaica because that’s our home land, but we just don’t know yet.”

“I normally do travel in the winter time, but I think I will probably be travelling less in the next foreseeable future,” said Jon Lucas, a Waterloo resident.

Others hope for a more traditional Christmas with family gatherings.

“I’m getting together with the family on Christmas Day. It’s a tradition. The family all gets together and we have fun,” said John Hartman.

Hartman adding that everyone will need to be vaccinated to attend.