GUELPH -- The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to press pause on the holiday office party this year.

However, some companies have come up with creative, non-traditional ways to celebrate with staff this season.

Guelph based Quick Contractors hosted a virtual get together for more than 70 employees around the world.

"We just kept talking throughout the night," Andrew Spurvey said.

Staff called it a surprising success.

"Without that physical barrier, the participation levels were super, super high and everybody was really engaged," CEO Trevor Bouchard said.

Employees have been working from home since the pandemic began.

Some may argue that working remotely can be isolating, but staff at Quick Contractors said the remote party was the opposite and helped saved money for the commute. It cost about $100 for the trivia portion of the night, and there were gift cards from the savings of not having to book a party venue.

"We really wanted to do something special for people in a tough time," Bouchard said.

Driver Seat Inc. also had something special for the holidays this year.

"We're doing toys for kids, we're grocery shopping," Leanne Shanks said.

Around $1,000 worth of goods is going to three families in needs. Staff will have a mini wrapping party this week.

"We have a large enough facility here that we can space tables," Shanks said.

It's not the typical party people are used to this time of year.

"All the employees brought their kids in, there's food, games, a Santa and gifts," Shanks said.

Staff from both companies agreed that having options through the holiday season is important.

"This will pass," Shanks said. "We will have other opportunities to get together."