For many looking to get away for Victoria Day Weekend, the price of fuel is holding them back.

A recent survey by Angus Reid Institute suggest more than 25 per cent of Ontario drivers are struggling to afford gas and are changing their habits to save money.

Nicholas Mohammed says he has his long weekend all planned out.

“Just go out in Kitchener,” he said. “I definitely wouldn’t do a trip to Toronto with these prices that we’re getting.”

He adds that he tries to minimize his driving time unless it’s to work and hopes to see a lower number at the pumps in the future.

“Normally I would go out or across the border, but I tend not to now with higher prices,” said driver Latch Singh. “Now I base the average cost every week and buy a quarter tank every week.”

Some drivers say that they would re-evaluate decisions if the prices stayed higher for long-term, while others add that they’re filling up their diesel cars for less.

In April, gas prices increased by 4.3 per cent a litre as a result of the federal government’s carbon tax.

The Angus Reid survey also says 51 per cent of respondents in Ontario say government taxes, like the carbon tax, is to blame for higher fuel prices.