The cost of gas went down more than 5 cents overnight. 

Good news for drivers that have been feeling the pinch at the pumps.

In fact, high prices are being blamed for an increase in ‘gas and dash’ incidents including one that left a Toronto man dead last weekend.

It’s illegal for any company to charge employees for a loss or theft but some gas station attendants feel pressured to make sure no one leaves without paying.

Now, Mike Colle, an Ontario Legislature Liberal, is trying to change that. He’s trying to introduce a bill to prevent ‘gas and dash’ incidents from happening.

“We should have prepayment at the pump,” say Colle. “Like they do in all U.S. states. They do in B.C.”

He’s calling for a policy that would force drivers to pay first. Many people say they wouldn’t mind.  They pre-pay most of the most of the time anyway.

“We would encourage retailers not to get involved in physical altercation or attempt to place themselves around a vehicle that’s speeding away.” says Inspector Kevin Thaler of Waterloo Regional Police Service.