People using a new park in south Kitchener will be able to relieve themselves in a 157-year-old heritage house.

The house in question sits on Huron Road near Fischer-Hallman Road, and the space where it currently sits is slated to be turned into soccer fields that will be part of the new South Kitchener District Park.

Kitchener councillors have voted unanimously in favour of moving the house 300 metres and renovating it so it can be used as a bathroom and changeroom.

“Not only is it less expensive than building a brand new facility, but it’s also going to be a bit of a showpiece in the park,” Coun. Scott Davey said in an interview.

The cost of moving and renovating the building is pegged at $730,000. Davey says preserving the building as-is and building a new washroom and changeroom would have cost about $80,000 more.

Construction has started on the first phase of the South Kitchener District Park, which includes sports fields and a splash pad. The heritage house renovation will be part of the second phase, which is expected to be complete by 2022.

With reporting by Tina Yazdani