It took a judge barely one hour to find a full-patch member of the Hells Angels guilty of trafficking drugs and weapons in Waterloo Region.

Frank Strauss appeared in a Kitchener court Tuesday on an assortment of charges, and was found guilty of 17 offences.

Crown prosecutors are seeking a prison sentence of 15 to 18 years.

The case against Strauss dates back to February 2012, when 29 registered guns were reported stolen from a home on Dundas Street in Cambridge.

Strauss wasn’t involved in the heist – he only entered the picture later, when the thieves were deciding what to do with their stolen firearms.

A mutual acquaintance brought Strauss into the picture, court documents show, and the guns were exchanged for a quantity of drugs.

When Strauss and the mutual acquaintance – a man named Jordan Thomas – later found themselves both in custody at the Kitchener courthouse, Strauss told Thomas that the guns, and $500,000 worth of cocaine, were hidden in a secret location.

Police paid a visit to that location – a secret room in a barn on Erb’s Road – and found most of the stolen guns, as well as shelves and freezers stuffed full of drugs.