Waterloo Region’s first heat warning of the year has ended Saturday evening.

Environment Canada expected temperatures to remain near 30 C with humidex values in the upper thirties to forty degrees.

By this time in 2018, the region already had a dozen days where temperatures hit 30 C. That included a seven-day heat wave over last year’s Canada Day long weekend.

“It is very hot but we’re here having cool drinks, helps cool off,” explains one person.

Public health officials are stressing the importance of staying cool.

That goes double for the very young or old, people with health complications and pregnant women.

“If you’re feeling kind of woozy, if you’re feeling nauseous or dizzy, or if you’re starting to feel confused, you know it’s starting to get more serious, these are all stages of dehydration,” says Brandie Bevis with Waterloo Region Public Health.

Staying cool and drinking plenty of water are the two keys to beating the heat, but some restaurants are noticing the heat driving people indoors.

“We normally will have our garage doors open but we’ve been keeping them closed on really hot days because people are more comfortable in the A/C of course,” explains Kaitlyn Forbes, manager at McCabe’s Waterloo.

Cooling centres are open around the region in libraries and community centres.