WATERLOO -- Staff at the Uptown Waterloo restaurant sat down for a meeting on Tuesday to learn the business will be permanently closing on Jan. 26.

“The business hasn’t been there,” said owner Nick Benniger. “We don’t want to place blame, but the construction that has gone on in uptown Waterloo, particularly what was happening in front of us for the last 12 months, essentially locked us in.

“It was tough. It was really tough.”

Benniger adds that they lost their parking lot which limited their many customers with mobility issues.

The restaurant was previously closed in the fall of 2016 after 86 years of business, but then reopened by new ownership in 2017.

“We had some success in the first year we were open, but the restaurant business is tough,” said Benniger. “This one was hit by this wave of construction, it took a big toll on us, and it doesn’t make sense to go forward.”

The owner adds that they’re not sure what the next steps for the building are.

Benniger says he may be selling some of silver chairs and 40’s signs and will be posting the current pork burger recipe online.

Harmony Lunch began as a family business roughly 90 years ago.