A teen and her mom are in hospital after being attacked by a family member with a hammer.  Police says the suspect is on the loose today and he may still be armed and dangerous.   

Police say a woman and her teen daughter were attacked in house on Talbot Street, with a hammer around 6:30 Monday night, both were taken to hospital.

The tactical unit spent several hours on scene trying to get inside the home and when they did they discovered the man they were looking for had already left.Now they're still on the hunt.

Officers can't release his name yet but they do have a detailed description of who they are looking for.   Inspector Kevin Thaler says “We're looking for a male black who's 6'3 230 pounds he's wearing a hip length jacket and blue jeans does not have any shoes on he has close cropped black hair and is clean shaven.” If you see him you’re urged to call police right away. They caution that he may be armed and dangerous.

Neighbours on Talbot street say the area is very quiet. Some who have lived here for decades and have never seen anything like this. Bill Curran lives on Talbot is worried for the safety of the people inside the house.

“The light was flashing in the dining room and thought what the hell is going on. I came out and saw this. (this is a surprise for you in your neighbourhood) yeah (does it make you worried) we don't need this stuff” says Curran.