A Guelph-based road maintenance company has been fined $70,000 in connection with an incident which left one of its workers with life-threatening injuries.

The fine was levied on Thursday, after Rann Mainteance (also known as R&N Maintenance) pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that materials were moved in a safe fashion.

The case dates back to Sept. 26, 2016, when molten asphalt sealant spilled on a worker in Toronto.

According to Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, the worker was one of several riding in the back of a truck with the kettle of sealant, which had a temperature of about 165 C.

When the truck made an abrupt stop, the sealant spilled onto one of the workers.

Firefighters said at the time that the sealant began to solidify around the worker before it was removed.