A propane heater may be to blame for a fire that destroyed a truck repair business near Fergus.

Whatever the cause of the fire may be, officials say, there is nothing to suggest it is suspicious.

Fire crews were called to the business – Frey’s Trucks on 3rd Line, north of Fergus – around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday.

When they arrived, they encountered black smoke and what Centre Wellington fire chief Brad Patton described as “tremendous heat” coming from the fire.

“The building was fully involved upon our arrival,” Patton said Thursday.

“The fire was spreading (with) multiple propane tanks igniting and going off.”

With no source of water in the immediate area, firefighters from Guelph, Arthur and Grand Valley were called in to help shuttle water to the property. In total, there were about 40 firefighters at the scene.

It took crews about eight hours to bring the fire under control, Patton said.

While no injuries were reported, the building itself was destroyed. So was everything inside, which included transport trucks and other vehicles, as well as auto parts, supplies and even the records stored in the company’s office.

Patton says the total damage amount is “well over $1 million.”

With reporting by Alexandra Pinto