An 81-year-old Guelph woman is in hospital in serious condition after being struck by a car Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called shortly after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday to a report of a pedestrian being hit by a car on Metcalfe Street. An elderly woman was walking along the sidewalk when she was struck by a car as it backed out of a driveway.

The woman was taken to Guelph General Hospital and later airlifted to Hamilton General Hospital where she remains in serious, but stable, condition. The woman will have to undergo surgery due to her injuries.

The woman was not carrying any identification and police asked the public for assistance in identifying her. They canvassed residents in the area with negative results.

Finally on Thursday morning, family members identified the woman. Police say she is Erzsebet Trungel.

Guelph police and the woman's family are thanking the community, the media and citizens who illustrated compassion towards assisting in identifying the victim.