A 39-year-old woman in Guelph is being held for bail hearing after she was charged with three counts of fraud under $5,000 and possessing property obtained illegally.

On Wednesday, Guelph Police arrested Shannon Camilleri after complaints about an Internet scam were made against her earlier this month.

Three separate individuals had listed jewellery items for sale on a free classified ad Web site. After posting the advertisements, all three individuals received an e-mail expressing interest in purchasing the items.

After agreeing on a price via e-mail, the individuals were notified that they had received payment via PayPal for the sale of their jewellery. The individuals, not realizing the notification was fake, sent the jewellery to Camilleri's address, as directed in the e-mail.

Upon realizing that a PayPal credit had not been received, Guelph Police were contacted and the Fraud Unit initiated a criminal investigation.

Police later recovered approximately $7,000 worth of merchandise that will be returned to the owners.