GUELPH -- Guelph city council has decided to extend the deadline for its Downtown Dining District.

Councillors voted on Monday night to keep the extended patio space in place until the end of November.

The city closed the intersection of MacDonell and Wyndham Streets in July to make room for the extra patio space. The expansion was scheduled to end on Monday.

Some restaurants were able to double their capacity thanks to the extra patio seating.

Mayor Cam Guthrie presented a motion on Monday night to extend the dining district to Jan. 1. That motion was amended to keep the district in place until the end of November.

Some businesses weren't on board, saying they'd prefer to see smaller patios to allow for traffic flow and parking. Others said shutting down the extended patios could result in dozens of layoffs.

Many restaurant owners said they'd been busy all summer and some bought heaters to keep customers warm heading into fall and winter. They will also consider more stable structures that can withstand colder temperatures, as opposed to the lightweight tents they'd been using throughout the summer.