GUELPH -- Guelph residents gathered on Tuesday night to honour victims and survivors of residential schools.

People across Canada are calling for more accountability after the remains of 215 Indigenous children were found at a residential school site in B.C.

Hundreds of people made their way down MacDonnell Street before holding a vigil at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate.

Speakers called for recognition for the suffering and loss that took place at residential schools and during the 60s Scoop.

They also supported a growing call to investigate other residential schools and search for undocumented remains.

Hannah Geauvreau-Turner, ambassador for the We Matter Organization, said it was powerful to bring so many voices together.

"It was very hard speaking about my grandmother, who was a residential school survivor, and my mother went to Indian day school, so speaking about that, I had a feeling that came out, but at the same time I felt powerful," Geauvreau-Turner said. "As Indigenous people, even though we are not related by blood, we are all family to one another, so I am very happy."

The large gathering wasn't allowed under the province's current emergency orders, which cap outdoor gatherings at five people.

Police were on hand, but it's unclear what their response will be to the gathering.