A Guelph police officer has been charged with assault causing bodily harm after an arrest made nine months ago.

The complainant, who has not been identified, accuses Const. Corey McArthur of using excessive force.

The allegations were originally probed by Guelph police, but when that investigation deemed the complaint “unsubstantiated,” the person turned to the courts.

This isn’t the first time McArthur has faced charges.

In 2010, he was found guilty of assault in connection with an arrest outside of a Guelph bar.

In that case, the judge issued an “absolute discharge,” meaning it won’t appear on a criminal record.

McArthur has served with the Guelph Police Service for 12 years, and remains on duty.

“There are no facts and issues that have come to light or have been proven in any way to cause us any reason to take him out of that active patrol,” says Insp. Howard McGarr from Guelph Police Services.

Nonetheless, defence lawyer Craig Parry says the case raises questions about a police service investigating one of its own.

“It poses a troubling problem," says Parry. "If it isn't an actual bias, it at least poses the potential of an appearance of bias, and ought to be of concern to the public in having confidence in the system.”