In just five weeks, Woodlawn Bowl and Guelph resident Bob McKay have managed to raise $47,000 for an organization that helps Canadian Forces members who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty.

McKay’s original goal was to raise just five thousand dollars for Wounded Warriors of Canada.  The money would then send one veteran to an event in France called Battlefield Ride.

The ride is an eight day journey that honours fellow Canadians who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in their service to Canada.

McKay contacted local businesses and got them to buy one of his 32 bowling lanes at Woodlawn Bowl.  He also sold camouflage bowling shoes, bowling pins and balls.  He sold clothing, got private donations and even his 27 staff members helped out.

Wounded Warriors of Canada says it is one of the largest donations from a non-corporate group.

Saturday night Woodlawn Bowl is hosting another event to raise money for Wounded Warriors of Canada.  This event is called Blind Bowling.  It's where bowlers are not able to see the pins as they play.